Hip Hop Hotties!!! (18 and Over)(Adult Material)

Do you think you have what it takes to be a model? Do you love being on camera? Want to be the next video internet star?

There is no prior experience in modeling necessary!

There is no cost to you, all you provide us is your beauty and your ideas!

Do you got something to say or show to your fans at ILLPATH.NET? Make a short clip of you shaking it, with a ILLPATH.NET sign and email us the video or a download link. If its good we’ll add it to this page and you may become ILLPATH.NET Hottie!!!

To Be A illpath.net Model, you:

Must be 18+ with the ability to provide 2 forms of valid ID – No one is EXEMPT!
Must have an upbeat attitude, easy to work with and great communication skills
Must be physically fit and/or Have a Nice Body
Must be willing to be sexy on camera
Have fun interacting with your internet clientele and reap the monetary benefits! It’s fun, safe, and easy!

What We Offer:
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!!!
If you are interested in becoming a model email us at: models@illpath.net

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