50 Cent Gets Dogged By Donald Trump, Pushes Album Back

With Donald Trump’s recent comments about his reality show, “50 Cent: The Money And The Power,” and word about his album being pushed back to 2009, it seems that 50 Cent is having a bad week.

During a recent “Inside City Hall” interview, Trump stuck it to 50 about how unoriginal his show idea is saying it is an exact copy of his show “The Apprentice.”

“I’m in many, many rapper’s songs,” Trump said. “And I know them. 50 Cent is sort of a friend of mine. I mean, he likes me. He just did a show. It was a copy of ‘The Apprentice.’ It will fail because he’s not Trump, but he’s actually a nice guy.”

But Trump also had words for Diddy and his show “I Want To Work For Diddy” where the rap mogul had contestants compete for a chance to be his personal assistant.

“And P. Diddy did a show which, by the way, I think bombed, but it was a copy,” he continued. “I wrote him a little note, ‘Good luck with the copy.'”

In other 50 news, the rapper recently announced that he will be pushing back the release of his album, Before I Self Destruct, to 2009 because of tough financial times.

“Times are hard,” 50 said in a statement. “Everyone is trying to make the most of what they have. I want to give my fans something extra for their hard earned dollars. They’ll get a free bonus when they pick up the album.”

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